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High quality protein for food and beverages

INVI™ delivers hydrolyzed krill protein. It has excellent solubility, is rich in minerals and as a novel source allows for clean labels - making it ideal for a wide range of applications for human nutrition.


High quality, high functionality

Exceptional protein quality

Nutritional value beyond protein

Clean label

Very soluble


Rapidly digested protein with complete amino acid profile

As a protein hydrolysate, INVI™ has a typical protein purity of 93 % protein. It contains all the essential amino acids at high levels and is thus classed as a complete protein. INVI™ is enzymatically hydrolyzed, which means that the intact proteins have been cut into smaller peptides and free amino acids. This is advantageous for metabolism, as the amino acids from pre-digested peptides are absorbed more rapidly. The result of this is faster appearance in the circulation, which facilitates amino acid delivery to the body's organs and tissues, including muscle.

“76% of consumers rate being a complete protein source as their most important purchasing criteria”*

*PwC (2020). “Purchasing criteria for US protein consumers”. Unpublished.


Rich in essential minerals

In addition to functional and nutritional advantages, INVI™ is a natural source of essential minerals that are needed to support and maintain vital functions in the body. INVI™ Protein is particularly high in calcium and magnesium, which creates added value and no extra cost for consumers.   

Adequate calcium and magnesium intake is associated with positive effects on the maintenance of healthy teeth and bones. These minerals also play a pivotal role in protein synthesis and are essential for normal muscle function.

“49% of survey respondents use magnesium and/or calcium supplements in addition to protein powder”*

*PwC (2020). “Purchasing criteria for US protein consumers”. Unpublished.



We believe in the power of nature

Consumers aspire for natural and authentic products. Favorably, INVI™ can be used in clean label products, since it is non-GMO and contains no artificial additives, such as colors, flavors or sweeteners. Our novel ingredient gives your products a natural nutritional boost while staying dairy-, soy-, sugar-, and gluten-free.

  • Non-GMO

  • Wild-caught

  • Non-farmed

  • Naturally dairy- and soy-free

  • Naturally sugar-free

  • No added color or flavorings

  • Novel, sustainable source

  • MSC certified

“27% of consumers are concerned about the presence of artificial additives and allergens and 41% think non-GMO claims are important when buying food and drinks”*

*Lightspeed/Mintel (2020)


Optimal for product development and innovation

Using a proprietary hydrolysis process, INVI™ is a premium 93% protein that is very soluble and dispersible, allowing for faster and better mixability than other protein powders on the market. 

INVI™ is both pH- and temperature stable and has a high water-binding capacity. It allows for products with a smoother texture and moistness to provide maximum functionality in a variety of end-applications, from clear protein concentrates to bars.

“Mixability and taste are the biggest pain points for consumers today”*

*PwC (2020). “Purchasing criteria for US protein consumers”. Unpublished.


High quality, high functionality

Exceptional protein

  • 93% pure and complete protein 
  • Hydrolyzed into easy-to-digest peptides
  • Ideal amino acid profile

Nutritional value
beyond protein

  • Rich in natural minerals  

  • High in magnesium and calcium

  • Supports structure/function claims

Clean label

  • Non-GMO 

  • Free from dairy and soy

  • Supports fat-free claims 

Uniquely soluble

  • Rapid mixability 

  • Very soluble 

  • Clear in solution


Why INVI™ Protein is a unique ingredient -

The science behind krill protein

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What Customers Are Saying

“This is a protein which combines the quality of whey and sustainability of plant protein”.

- AlphaSights