6 reasons why INVI Protein is exactly what consumers want

It’s a bold claim. But a recent, wide-scale, in-depth consumer research study on protein powder conducted by PwC in collaboration with Aker BioMarine confirms it. As the results show, INVI ticks the boxes on customers’ wishlists. 

Surveying over 1000 respondents, the study measured and identified customers' perception of krill protein and their current purchasing habits, along with potential pain points they experience when buying and consuming protein powders. 

The study found that: 

  • 70% are willing to try krill based protein

  • 74% claim that a complete protein is important when choosing a protein source

  • 74% pay close attention to vitamin and mineral contents 

  • 49% supplement with magnesium and/or calcium 

  • 65% claim that good texture and mixability is important

  • 1/5 say experience digestibility issues with dairy protein

Made from defatted krill, INVI is a complete protein with above 90% protein purity. Additionally, it is rich in natural minerals, such as magnesium and calcium. Hence, INVI supports structure/function claims for the vital functions these minerals have in the body. This means that by choosing INVI, consumers don’t have to take additional mineral supplements. 

INVI contains high amounts of easy-to-digest peptides and is free from both dairy and soy. A common pain point among consumers is digestibility issues when consuming dairy protein, so choosing highly digestible krill protein will solve this problem. Being hydrolyzed into small peptides, INVI is also very soluble, enabling smooth texture and rapid mixability, optimal for mixing with liquids. 

If you want to give today’s consumers exactly what they want, learn more about how you can utilize INVI Protein in your products here.  


Source: PwC Analysis