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Who we are

INVI™ is a brand of the biotech innovator and Antarctic krill-harvesting company, Aker BioMarine. Committed to improving human and planetary health, Aker BioMarine is passionate about finding new ways to deliver the positive health effects of krill. INVI™ is the latest result of this passion.


About INVI™

Aker BioMarine and INVI™ are making krill protein more valuable than ever. We are empowering customers with scientific knowledge and in-depth research on the positive effects of krill and helping to drive the food revolution on a global scale.

Recognizing both an increased need for high quality proteins amongst health conscious consumers and the limitations of existing dairy and plant-based proteins, INVI™ is a naturally nutritious, truly sustainable and novel protein source. We’re on a mission to make krill protein a frontrunning ingredient for human nutrition. 

INVI™ matches high quality with functionality, derived from the largest biomass on the planet. We are the exclusive producer of INVI™ protein. Our versatile ingredient is a nourishing basis for every protein application, present and future — from protein powders and energy bars to functional foods.


Aker BioMarine

INVI™ has been developed on the back of decades of biotech innovation, scientific study and expertise on krill. Harvested in Antarctica, one of the clearest waters on earth, Aker BioMarine is present in all parts of the supply chain, from harvesting to final ingredient. This will secure total transparency giving you a unique overview of your new favorite protein ingredient, from catch to application. As an industrial holding of the Aker group, we have more than 125 years of industry history, strongly anchored in fishing.

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New plant to address growing demand for sustainable protein

As a world leader in developing products from marine resources, Aker BioMarine knows the importance of innovation within further utilization of the oceans for future food production. A functional, high in nutritional quality, and sustainable krill protein ingredient creates value in three dimensions: manufacturers, consumers and planet.

This is why Aker BioMarine, with subsidy from Innovation Norway, is building a krill protein production facility in Ski, Norway to support and address the growing global demand for sustainable protein. The commercial plant enables development of the necessary expertise, operational systems and a scalable production of INVI™ protein. We have volumes ready for testing, R&D and science through our test laboratory in Denmark, who are at the forefront of the protein space.


More than a supplier, a partner

Every task is unique and the INVI™ team is prepared to adapt to your company's framework. Our team’s expertise in science, regulatory, biochemistry, R&D, marketing & sales can help you make the best protein products for consumers around the world.

As a partner, we perform scientific studies to further investigate the health benefits and new attributes of our ingredient, uncover valuable end-consumer and industry insights, and explore the wide range of end-applications for our ingredient that will have a competitive advantage in your respective markets.

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